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Winery Engineering encompasses the peripheral activities (eg. design, supply, construction and process realisation) that make winemaking possible from grape to glass. The Winery Engineering Association provides a forum for those who engineer the winemaking process and is intended to compliment the existing forums for Winemakers. Full Membership is available only to those directly employed by a winemaking company (including bottling). Associate Membership is available to those employed by companies closely allied to the Wine Industry or those who are not industry based but interested.

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WineEng 2016 Conference and Exhibition - New Zealand - July 21 - 22, 2016


WEA NZ Conference and Exhibition



The Winery Engineering Association has been conducting bi annual winery production events since 2004. This conference and exhibition is run by winery people for winery people and focuses on all aspects of production from the grape to the bottle.

We are constantly striving to improve wine quality more efficiently and this unique event provides the forum for winery owners, winemakers and all production staff from large and small wineries to network, share problems and solutions and find out the latest global advances in equipment and techniques to retain that competitive edge.

The range of presentations will focus on challenges confronting the industry and the means to improve our game and the variety of suppliers of equipment and services provides a great opportunity to discuss ideas with experts in their field all with the view of

"Winery Resource Management = Sustainability"

Some of the NZ presentations are focused on the following -

  • Water usage & savings
  • Refrigeration design & efficiency
  • Alternative hot water generation
  • Energy efficiency & solar power generation
  • Asset improvement & optimisation
  • Oak reclamation & alternative oak maturation application
  • Understanding the new "Health & Safety at Work" act



WineEng 2016 NZ Conference Fees

Registration before June 30th

WEA Members


Early Bird

Registration before June 30th

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After June 30th

WEA Members


After June 30th

Non Members


WineEng 2016 - NZ - Keynote Speaker - Mr Gerald Hope




Keynote Speaker

Mr Gerald Hope

 Chief Executive - Marlborough Research Centre (MRC)


MRC Trust is a charitable organisation established in 1984 for the purpose of ‘ensuring the sustainable use of Marlborough’s natural resources through innovative research, technical development and the transfer of knowledge’.

In recent years the focus has been on connecting research providers and business, business to business through strategic regional development initiatives. A key priority is facilitating the growth and success of the Marlborough Food and Beverage Innovation Cluster that was launched in September 2013.

MRC performs the role of facilitator, seed funder with the primary purpose of connecting research and business to improve Marlborough’s economy. A key function is the management and administration of the Marlborough Research Centre Budge Street campus, Grovetown Park business park and 10 hectares of sauvignon blanc vineyard. As a landlord MRC has twelve tenant group totalling sixty people


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WineEng 2016 Conference and Exhibition - SA - September 7th - 8th

WEA AU 2016 Masthead




WineEng 2016 - SA - Sept 7th - 8th, 2016


"Innovation for Smarter Solutions"

Innovative ideas and concepts that will provide
Smarter solutions for improving methods of production,
Increased efficiency, waste reduction and product quality

Serafino Winery McLaren Vale
September 7th - 8th. 2016


Life Members



The WEA is very proud to formally recognise and celebrate the contribution of two of our colleagues by bestowing on them Life Membership.

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2016 Exhibitor Info - NZ


Suppliers interested in exhibiting at the exhibition please download this pdf.

Then contact Trevor Leighton at either or 0417 597956.

2016 Exhibitor Info - Sth Australia


Suppliers interested in exhibiting at the exhibition please download this pdf.

Then contact Trevor Leighton at either or 0417 597956.

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