SA Conference - September 11th - 12th 2019 - The Vine Inn, Nuriootpa SA

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Two days of presentations applicable to wine producers of all sizes focusing on issues and technology associated with ensuring that you take the most effective steps when planning development of your winemaking facilities and operations for the future including understanding current and potential risks.


Conference sessions will cover: - 

  • Strategic application of “Industry 4.0” in the wine industry involving the combination of automation, artificial intelligence and data exchange.
    • Presentations from speakers representing the Ai Industry Group, Beca & Rockwell Automation
  • Energy Management Planning
    • Presentations from EfficientSee plus others to be advised
  • Water Supply, Security & Reuse
    • Presentations from the Murray Darling Basin Authority, SA Department of Environment & Water and JJC Engineering
  • Maximising the Performance & Minimising the Cost of Filtration
    • Presentations from the PALL Corporation and Blue H20 Filtration
  • Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS) Issues in the Wine Industry
    • A panel made up of experts from the insurance Industry, Risk Management consultants, Insulation Contractors and Building Design Engineers will discuss the use of EPS in the wine industry and the associated issues and risks
  • Session comprising of a limited number of short commercial presentations
    • Selected presentations from exhibitors at the conference will cover new products and technology applicable to the wine industry




Australian Conference Sessions & Speakers

Day One

The conference will commence with a welcome by WEA President Ben McDonald following which the keynote address will take place, details of which are currently being finalized.

Following a short break in proceedings the first technical presentation session will commence which will deal with the adoption of Industry 4.0 into the wine industry and how it can be of benefit to wineries and bottling & packaging facilities of all sizes.

Industry 4.0 is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.

This session will include speakers representing the Australian Industry Group, Beca and Rockwell Automation.

Following the lunch break where there will be the opportunity to both attend the WEA – AGM and visit the great variety of winery suppliers exhibiting at the event the first afternoon session will take place dealing with Strategic Energy Management and Procurement plus VSD Technology this session will include speakers representing EfficientSee and Danfoss plus another as yet to be confirmed.

The final session for day one will focus on the significantly important subject of Water Supply, Security and Reuse and will include presentations from speakers representing the Murray Darling Basin Authority, South Australian Department of Environment & Water and the JJC Engineering Group.


Day Two

Session one will comprise of a number of short 15-minute presentations each of which will be given by an exhibitor representative outlining a product and/or service they have that is of significant benefit to the wine industry.

The next session will comprise of two presentations dealing Filtration Performance, Cost & Quality Control with talks from both Blue H2O and the PALL Corporation.

Following lunch, the third session for the day will take place that will focus on Insulation Issues in the Wine Industry with the format of the session consisting of a panel of experts on the subject representing Insulation Suppliers/Contractors, Risk Management Consultants, Building Design Engineers and the Insurance Industry.

The session will commence with the speakers being introduced by a chairperson following which each speaker will give a short talk (10 to 15 mins) outlining their knowledge, experience and opinions in their particular area of expertise, this will then be followed by a panel discussion after which discussion will open up to the floor allowing delegates to participate in a Q&A manner.

The final session of the conference will be an educational tasting the details of which are currently being firmed up.




WineEng 2019 Speakers


We are pleased to welcome the following, initial list of exhibitors to WineEng SA 2019.


Colin Thomas and Dr Amir Zanj - WineEng SA 2019 Keynote Speakers




Colin Thomas

 Manager – Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation Hub

Harnessing the Digital Divide



Colin Thomas is Manager of the Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation Hub at Flinders University, Adelaide. He has a wealth of experience in the implementation of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. He has worked in Appliance manufacture for 30+ years designing and operating manufacturing systems that are the forerunners for Industry 4.0 including RFID product identification and controls, energy minimisation and management, robotic automation systems including vision systems and collaborative and industrial robots, additive manufacture for prototypes and manufacturing tooling and product development and process simulation. Colin led project teams in new product development, factory expansion and rationalisation, new process projects and continuous improvement. Colin is working with local manufacturers, researchers and students to increase the understanding of modern manufacturing technologies and reduce the barriers to their introduction through education, demonstration and experimentation.



Amir Zanj-15-x15


Dr Amir Zanj

 Lecturer – Flinders University

Harnessing the Digital Divide



Dr Amir Zanj is a Mechanical and Aerospace engineer with more than 15 years of experience in developing digital twin for complex systems. He was involved in developing digital twin for national space program at SSRC ending to a successful Low Earth to Orbit (LEO) satellite launch. Dr Zanj’s research is focused on developing integrated framework to execute digital twin for multi-disciplinary systems at Advanced Control System Research Group (ACSRG) Flinders University. He is a recipient of 2012 Australian Postgraduate Award. Dr. Zanj is the originator of Physical Decomposition Method (PDM) and Variable Interface Dynamic Adaptation (VIDA) technique. Currently, he is a lecturer at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. Dr. Zanj has also been a professional member of SmartSat CRC, Win4.0 and AIAA. His new research interests include Integrated Computer Aided Engineering (I-CAE) technique for multidisciplinary systems design and performance optimization, physics-based distributed system modelling, hydraulics control valves, smart systems, industrial automation and IoT.

Presentation Abstract

The keynote address will be delivered in two parts the first being delivered by Mr Colin Thomas and the second by Dr Amir Zanj.

Part One

How can the new technologies of Industry 4.0 be used for the benefit of society? While we are surrounded by stories of the threat of new technology stealing our jobs, the first part of this presentation looks at the potential benefits of Industry 4.0 to Australian industry and some of the challenges that companies face in adopting advanced technologies and processes. We will also discuss changes to the skills the future workforce will need and how we should shape the application of technology for the benefit of society. It includes an overview of some of the initiatives in place at the Tonsley Innovation District in support of advanced manufacturing capability building and skills development.

Part Two

Industrial automation is all about working smarter, faster, and proficiently. Since the industrial automation comprehends the advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now becoming essential that organisations adopt Industry 4.0 technologies to make automation connectable, compatible and structured. Industry 4.0 transformation can be achieved by installing automated devices or embedded systems, as well as automation software performing the logical tasks and controlling the operation processes. Implementation of Industry 4.0 techniques together with the conventional ones will be the ‘golden Solution’ to the future of industrial automation. This will boost the efficiency and productivity of businesses via enhancing consistency of processes while reducing the unnecessary expenses. Flinders University is currently involved in several projects in Vine management and some of these be will be discussed in this presentation.

WineEng 2019 Registration


Members of WEA

  • Early Bird
    • by August 16th = $295
  • After August 16th = $345


Non Members

  • Early Bird
    • by August 16th = $365
  • After August 16th = $395


Registration includes

  • Conference Satchel
  • Conference Book
  • Meal and Coffee breaks
  • Attendance at all Sessions
  • Educational tasting on Wednesday at the end of the program
  • Conference Dinner on the Thursday which is always a great event


For those who are unable to attend the full conference, day registrations are available as follows;

  • Day One
    • (inc the tasting) …. $150
  • Day Two
    • (exc the conference dinner …. $150
  • Day Two
    • (inc the conference dinner …. $250


W.E.A. WineEng Support


Conference Coordinator

Mr Trevor Leighton
Mob: 0417 597 956

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W.E.A. WineEng Support


PROGRAMMe Coordinator

Mr David Clark
Ph: 5358 2059


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