WineEng 2017 - Keynote Speaker




Keynote Speaker

Mr Thomas Leclerc

 Managing Director for Vivelys in Asia Pacific



Production & Applied Technology  – A New Era to Come?

A New Era to Come raises many questions a couple of which are as follows:

  • How will tomorrows Wineries link applied technology to production management metrics to make the best use of the technology?
  • How will production process will be built to meet wine style requirements and market data and what will be the role of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in this environment?


Thomas Leclerc will outline the role of applied technology, the current challenges facing the wine industry in different regions across the globe, the growing need to use and choose data for KPI’s, technical parameters linked to the winery board of production and product definition goals. This will be illustrated by examples of recent technology, and their impact on production.


 Thomas Leclerc, is the managing director for Vivelys in Asia Pacific, a full new branch opened in 2016.

He has been in the wine industry for 19 years, and has worked in almost all sides of the wine industry from wine sales in Brazil, International promotion management for Hennessy Cognac, Export manager for a global packaging company Sparflex and Business Development Director for Vivelys for 5 years in wine production strategy and management. This very large experience gives him a global understanding of all wine aspects from production to wine marketing and sales.

With his wide and versatile experience, Thomas has worked on global production project with major wine groups in France, Spain, Portugal and Chile.

Thomas has started a new and exciting challenge in Australia, starting a full new area of development for Vivelys in Asia and Oceania.

Vivelys is one of the global leading consulting and R&D companies in the wine industry. We have been helping our customers to craft and execute their production strategy since 1995. We are located in five major wine countries. Each year, more than 10% of our income is allocated to R&D.

Through our deep understanding of winemaking science, systems and processes, along with expertise in solutions design and programming, we deliver business value by helping customers become more competitive and efficient at achieving their desired wine profiles.





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